Tucker Day


I don’t know how I missed that it was Tucker Day coming up. I was going to drop by The Local 7 for a beer and a book yesterday and found Main Street closed, several stalls, and three band stands. A band was playing. They called themselves Bolder Monkey and I sat and listened for several songs. An odd name for a group, but the sound was solid and perfect for this little southern town. I asked on their Facebook page about the event and got this response: It is now the second Saturday of May and has been happening for over 50 years (at one time it was in August).  The Main Street Tucker Alliance (MTA)puts it on with community support and it is MTA’s primary fund raiser. 

Bolder Monkey, Tucker Day, railroad stage
Bolder Monkey, Tucker Day, railroad stage
Now THAT's a dog. Actually larger than it looks in this photo.
Now THAT’s a dog. Actually larger than it looks in this photo.

Tucker Day is sponsored by the Main Street Tucker Alliance. There is usually a parade, but it was canceled this year because of safety concerns.


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