TONIGHT: Moonshine with Tim Smith at P’cheen

This Wednesday July 24th at 8pm
P’cheen is proud to welcome Discovery Channel Moonshiners star,TIM SMITH.
Discovery Channel’s Tim Smith is bringing his moonshine out of the woods and into the city. On Wednesday, July 24, 2013, P’cheen invites guests to meet with the Moonshiner’s star and be one of the first to try his debut brand, Climax.
P’cheen, which is Gaelic for “moonshine,” is known for its signature moonshine collection, craft cocktails and delicious international cuisine. It has something for everyone-bootleggers, moonshine connoisseurs or Atlantans just looking for a good ol’ time.
CALLING ALL BOOTLEGGERS, MOONSHINE CONNOISSEURS & ATLANTANS JUST LOOKING FOR A GOOD OL’ TIME. Don’t miss our celeb guest Tim Smith tonight at 8 p.m.! Be one of the first to try his debut ‘shine, Climax Moonshine.RSVP:

701-5 Highland Ave,
Atlanta GA 30312

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