Bantam & Biddy, Chicken in Ansley

Bantam & Biddy's, 1

This is only my second time at Bantam and Biddy, a restaurant in the Ansley Mall. They lived up to their reputation for excellent chicken, but for my money the sides were even better–fresh, house made, and as local as possible. It’s a great menu. And be sure to try something from the dessert case too!

Bantam & Biddy's, 3
This is the side porch. On this nice evening, it was the place to be. Plus you get to watch all the handsome men going to the gym.
Bantam & Biddy's, 4
This is the veggie plate, a choice of four sides. Shown: faro salad with broccoli and Vidalia onions; quinoa and spinach salad, duck fat fries, and (covered by the bread) picked beets with goat cheese.
Bantam & Biddy's, 5
Quarter chicken with grits and fresh fruit salad
Bantam & Biddy's, 6
The Bangers & Mash were surprisingly good–curried chicken sausage, loaded mashed potatoes and apple sauce.
Bantam & Biddy's, 7
A close up of those duck fat fries

Bantam & Biddy's, 8


Barcelona Wine Bar, my backpocket restaurant

I have a handful of restaurants that I keep in my “backpocket” just to impress. You know what I mean. You’ve got friends visiting and you need a place that everyone will enjoy and will leave the table happy, stuffed and with great memories. Barcelona Wine Bar , located in Inman Park, is one of my choices in this area.¬†When my girlfriend from Little Rock was visiting last week, I had to take her out for one fantastic meal.

Unfortunately, the photos aren’t fantastic. But the food and the service was.

Barcelona Wine Bar, 1
Grilled Hanger Steak– Black Truffle Sauce
Barcelona Wine Bar, 2
Baby carrots with fennel
Barcelona Wine Bar, 3
Always get some house bread
Barcelona Wine Bar, 4
Patatas Bravas–Spicy Tomato Sauce, Garlic Aioli
Barcelona Wine Bar, 5
Dessert: Warm Chocolate Hazelnut Indulgence- Raspberry Sauce & Coconut Ice Cream ; Flan Catalan; Crepas Salguero — Dulce De Leche, Chocolate Sauce & Fleur de Sel Vanilla Ice Cream