Visit to my hometown of Bloomfield, IN

My new favorite photos of Stacey, my sister-in-law. I can’t express how good she made me feel on this last visit home. Bless you.
Oh, and don’t let this girl be your bartender unless you want a generous pour of wine!

I went home last month for my mother’s Celebration of Life event last month. I’ve been sick basically since the second day I got to the old farmhouse and today is the first day I’ve felt well enough to consider looking at the photos. I don’t think I’m allergic to the USA, but I might be allergic to something at my mother’s old house. That damp basement just might be the cause!

It’s completely unlike me, but I barely took any photo. I have no idea why. I wanted to and had my phone with me. I didn’t get a single photo of one of my brothers, nor my much loved niece. I didn’t even take photos when my niece and I walked out into the pasture. What’s wrong with me? I think I was in a daze the whole trip.

My brother Rod. This was taken at the restaurant at Boggs Lake, where the Celebration of Life event was held. My brothers had wanted to start outside, but the weather in springtime just doesn’t always cooperate. Rod’s girlfriend provided the lovely flowers from her own garden.
This was actually taken by my friend.

Trips home are disorienting, but honestly, this was the best trip to Bloomfield in my adult life. Despite the sad occasion, it felt very welcoming to me. Here are the few photos I took. So sorry to be such a bad chronicler.

Front of welcome poster, by Adia
back of Welcome poster, from Adia.
Front of the old covered bridge. It used to be called the Old Scotland Road, but is now Baseline South. Matt took my friend, Jean, and I on a trip on the four wheeler around the area. Such a treat. Then a small bonfire. And maybe a little too much wine. I love alcohol. It does not love me back.
Side view of the covered bridge. I used to ride the school bus over this bridge everyday. OK, I officially feel old. And I wish it were painted red again, though I’m very grateful that someone has saved this lovely old landmark.
This is from an old cemetery near the family farm, well south of Bloomfield. The church is no longer there, but the cemetery still is. I always loved this and used to ride my horse here. 
I’d made this stained glass lily for my mother. A peace offering, really. We always had a difficult relationship. This didn’t end up helping much.
This is a doily made by my great grandmother, Janet Fletcher. I think she died in 1970? I had this made for my mother.
I used to draw and paint. Why don’t I do that anymore?