Update on my dream: Progress!

From http://www.startupbros.com/the-only-way-to-live-the-life-of-your-dreams/
From http://www.startupbros.com/the-only-way-to-live-the-life-of-your-dreams/

I’ve shared my goals with you. I fondly call it Plan B. But here it is in a nutshell:

  • Sell/give away my non-portable belongs to be free to travel more
  • Save a nest egg so I have something to fall back on between “adventures”
  • Hike the entire Appalachian Trail summer of 2014
  • Teach English in different countries, as a way to travel around the world
  • Blog about it here
  • Find a way to monetize the website, mainly selling ebooks, tour services

I’d like to share an update for those of you who are following along. I’ve made some great progress!

My townhome is a single family dwelling again: For the last couple years, I’ve split my house so that I live in about 500 square feet in the basement and a renter had the top two floors. This has helped me pay down my mortgage. The renter is out! She left a mess, including gouges in the wood floor and I suspect she had NEVER vacuumed. But the floors have been refinished and the carpets professionally cleaned. I’ve scrubbed, polished, and pressure washed, so everything looks better than it has in years. My handyman has just a couple minor things left so that it’s in perfect shape.

House is listed! I’ve found a realtor, Lisa Thompson of Coldwell Banker. She shared with me the sales in my area for the last several months and it’s clear that homes are moving and prices are rising. We listed it for more than I’d hoped, based on similar sales in the area. Keep your fingers crossed and pass the info along to anyone who is in the market for a condo in North Atlanta.

Here are the sales details

I’ve found a room to rent A dear friend has promised to let me rent a room when the house sells. This will be cheaper than finding an apartment. I wish it were a little closer to work, but you can’t have everything. I do love the neighborhood.

Reduce, Sell, Giveaway I’ve been reducing my stuff for so long it’s second nature now. When I can, I’ve sold thingsIt’s not all gone perfectly, and it’s amazing how much a person hangs onto. I’m grateful that I’ve been able to do this slowly because doing it all at once would have been quite a shock to the system. You think that reducing your stuff will be a physical challenge and it is. But it’s much more a mental challenge. And, I really prefer giving stuff away.

Backpacking Gear I’ve selected all the major backpacking gear I’ll need for a hike next year of the Appalachian Trail (that 2, 186 miles, folks!). I’ve asked for 6 months off from my day job (all my vacation time plus time off without pay), but realistically, I won’t get it. If I want to hike, I have to be willing to quit.

Savings Goal, almost there! I’m very close to meeting my saving goal. I should have the goal met by the end of the calendar year. Additionally, I have goals for saving vacation time and sick leave. Those are on track too.

Blogging I started this blog in April 2013. This week I posted my 100ith article. I’m also close to finishing an ebook.

I’ve been busy.

AND I’ve planned in a little escape for myself in the near futue. I’m going to Iceland! More on this later.