Contracts ending

S. will be leaving in just a few days. She is going back to Iran, sadly. We are taking her out Saturday night to celebrate (it’s a surprise). E. continues to teach and his students seem really happy with him. He’s mastered Level 1-2 Grammar. I have not seen him teach, but I have a good feeling about him. I didn’t know if he could make it as a teacher, but it’s nice to see someone succeed. His contract goes until April, but he hasn’t mentioned any plans for after. I share two classes with K. and she is a very competent and thorough teacher. Probably the best teacher at our branch. She is getting frustrated with English Time, though she doesn’t say much about it.

Somayah's going away party. Left to right: Foroogh, Somayay, Alex, Edgar (holding mugs of beer), Stephanie, me, Aylin, and Kate.
S’s going away party. I’ve removed names for privacy.

We surprised S. with a going away party tonight. We told her we were going shopping for avocados so that she could try guacamole. Believe it or not, she didn’t see through this flimsy story. It is a testament to her basic goodness that she thought we were telling her the truth.

Alex, fooling around.
A., fooling around.

A couple stories from fellow teachers and their Adventures in English Grammar!
• Teacher: “Do you like soup?”
• Male Student: “Yes, I like soup.”
• Teacher: “What is your favorite soup?”
• Male Student: “Cock. I like cock.”
(The student meant chicken soup, made from a rooster, but in homophobic Turkey, this is a dangerous response. )

And when another teacher asked a student about marriage customs, one of the female students said, “We give bride nipple.” (She meant the rubber tip from a baby bottle.)

And this one I experienced this week:
The test question was: “What are you doing right now?” The student was supposed to give an answer using Present Continuous. One student answered, “I doing friend at moment.” Oh My! (Please read last line in the voice of George Taki)

The things my students say surprise and sadden me, at times. Today my Level 3 class did a dialogue and answered questions using the conditional, if. The question was, “What would you do if you were invisible?” (Type 2, Unreal). One of my favorite students answered in perfect English, “I would carry bombs to Israel.” I wanted to cry. He said it as though it was the most natural response in the world.

I need to move on.

Still working more hours than I want, but coping. On my time off, I’m busy applying for jobs. The good news is that Somayah was paid her bonus on her last day as promised. It was paid in Turkish Lira (the contract promises US dollars), but at a fair exchange rate, so that’s acceptable. We were also paid on time and the full amount on the 15th of the month for November. That is only the second time I’ve been paid correctly and on time since I arrived here in February (10 months). Of course, I am still owed 40TL for October and no one seems to remember the money is owed. So that money is gone. It isn’t enough to quit over, but it is just one more thing in a long line of promises that are not kept. Speaking of that, we were promised by the head office we could take time off during Christmas, but the Sirinevler office said that’s not true. We will all be working Christmas day. Ho ho ho.

My current concern is for K. Her contract finishes in late February and she still does not have a residence card or work permit. Without these documents, a person is here illegally (once their tourist visa expires) and working illegally. She had another appointment this week to address the situation, but AGAIN there was a mis-communication. The time and place she was told to come to were wrong. Again. She can be deported, though it isn’t likely. What IS likely is that when she leaves the country in February she will be heavily fined (again) and her passport will be flagged for overstaying her visa a second time. This will certainly make it impossible for her to come back to Turkey EVER and may affect her ability to go to other countries.

In short, at this time I cannot recommend anyone work for English Time, Turkey. I understand that the latest owner wants to sell the branches he owns and I’ve seen groups of business people touring the branch. I assume they are potential buyers. Let’s hope someone better, more interested in education and legal operations will buy these branches.

Christmas is not a holiday that they celebrate in Turkey, so no decorations or Christmas music. This is Hanukkah week and OF COURSE there is nothing for that either. So far, I saw one Christmas tree in Avcilar, but it looked out of place. So, no holiday for me! But the Christmas spirit is inside you, anyway. I have everything I need, so presents aren’t important. I’m trying to arrange a Secret Santa gift exchange, just for fun.

The last day of my contract is February 3. I have a few adventures planned for immediately following.

–First, I will spend a week in Athens. I’ve never been to Greece, so am excited.
–Then I have a week in Edinburgh, Scotland where I will meet up with two friends. One of them went to school there, so can be our tour guide.
–I am arranging a month on a work-for-stay farm for the March. I have a verbal agreement with a place in Portugal where I will be working on some construction projects, including alternative energy for heating and electricity. I hope to learn a lot while I am there, though it will probably be very hard work. I have some back up ideas if it falls through, however.
–Starting the first of April, I will hike The Camino in Spain. I have three friends who have expressed an interest and hope that at least one of them will make it. We will start in Pamplona, hike to Santigo, then go on to Finisterra and walk to the ocean. Basically we will walk the length of Spain, east to west. It’s 500 miles and will take about 6 weeks. This is a path I’ve wanted to take for some time. Actually, there are several paths, but this one is the most popular. It’s an old Christian pilgrim’s path. It was featured in the film, The Way.

So I will need to go back to full time work after all of that! I am applying for jobs and hope to hear something soon. I’ve applied to many places and hope to arrange something soon. Oxford Seminars (my placement agency) says they won’t send out my resume until at least January–they are filling more urgent requests at the moment. They also seem to think I will have difficulty finding a full-time position in May. They say I may have to wait until August or September during the hiring “rush.” And they keep sending me information about volunteer jobs. While I don’t need a lot of money, I do need paid work. I am a tad frustrated.
I wish it were all arranged and I knew where I was going to be in May. It is hard to stay calm, but it is certain that 2016 will be another year of adventure!