Barcelona Wine Bar, my backpocket restaurant

I have a handful of restaurants that I keep in my “backpocket” just to impress. You know what I mean. You’ve got friends visiting and you need a place that everyone will enjoy and will leave the table happy, stuffed and with great memories. Barcelona Wine Bar , located in Inman Park, is one of my choices in this area.¬†When my girlfriend from Little Rock was visiting last week, I had to take her out for one fantastic meal.

Unfortunately, the photos aren’t fantastic. But the food and the service was.

Barcelona Wine Bar, 1
Grilled Hanger Steak– Black Truffle Sauce
Barcelona Wine Bar, 2
Baby carrots with fennel
Barcelona Wine Bar, 3
Always get some house bread
Barcelona Wine Bar, 4
Patatas Bravas–Spicy Tomato Sauce, Garlic Aioli
Barcelona Wine Bar, 5
Dessert: Warm Chocolate Hazelnut Indulgence- Raspberry Sauce & Coconut Ice Cream ; Flan Catalan; Crepas Salguero — Dulce De Leche, Chocolate Sauce & Fleur de Sel Vanilla Ice Cream