Imaginary Worlds: Atlanta Botanical Garden

Atlanta Botanical Garden, 5

I highly recommend the special exhibit going on now at The Atlanta Botanical Garden. Going on through October, Imaginary Worlds, uses mosaiculture, something new to me:

“Each sculpture is a living, sophisticated evolution of the traditional “stuffed topiary” technique. Thousands of meticulously groomed annuals are planted into soil-and-sphagnum moss filled netting covering the steel forms – hidden works of artisanship themselves – to carpet the skeletons in colorful patterns. Complex irrigation systems beneath the surface of the sculptures allow the plants to grow – and the creatures to flourish – in Atlanta’s summer heat. The larger than life sculptures are transported in climate-controlled trucks.

The exhibition of mosaiculture – the horticultural art of creating giant topiary-like sculptures using thousands of annual bedding plants to carpet steel armature forms – is the creative genius of International Mosaiculture of Montreal. The nonprofit group has staged wildly successful exhibitions of its work around the world, and the Atlanta showing will be the first major exhibition of its kind in the U.S.”


Atlanta Botanical Garden, 4
Yellow columbine
Atlanta Botanical Garden, 8
Flag, iris
Atlanta Botanical Garden, 11
Canna lily
Atlanta Botanical Garden, 12
Torch lily
Atlanta Botanical Garden, 14
Lace cap hydrangia
Atlanta Botanical Garden, 33
These fish were a bit dry. The fountain wasn’t working, but when it is, water pours out of their mouth.
Atlanta Botanical Garden, 30
Atlanta Botanical Garden, 23
This ogre was all head!
Atlanta Botanical Garden, 21
Two cobra face each other over the walking path
Atlanta Botanical Garden, 15
This Shaggy dog was taller than I am!
Atlanta Botanical Garden, 2
These children loved the unicorn best.

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Atlanta Aquarium

Atlanta Aquarium, 44

I don’t go to the Atlanta Aquarium often, mostly because of the price. It’s $38 for an adult and I am a frugal traveler. So I tend to go only if I have a visitor in town, as I did this past week. You can take photos, but not during the special Dolphin Tales show. There’s lots to see and even to touch. Right now is a special exhibit upstairs on frogs.

Atlanta Aquarium, 7 Atlanta Aquarium, 9 Atlanta Aquarium, 13 Atlanta Aquarium, 16 Atlanta Aquarium, 21 Atlanta Aquarium, 23 Atlanta Aquarium, 37 Atlanta Aquarium, 45 Atlanta Aquarium, 48 Atlanta Aquarium, 53 Atlanta Aquarium, 55 Atlanta Aquarium, 58 Atlanta Aquarium, 57 Atlanta Aquarium, 56