No good deed goes unpunished

I’ve not done well with people over the last month.

I stayed in an extended stay hotel for the last couple of weeks of my time in the USA. The friend I was staying with in Huntsville didn’t ask me to leave, but based on her actions, I needed to go. Also, I’d been storing two boxes of items (mostly camping gear) at her home. She didn’t want those at her house, either. I shipped them to my family. (THANK YOU, THANK YOU, Matt & Stacey!!) It would have been nice if we could have sat down and had an adult conversation about it, but we know in the real world people rarely do that. Mostly, I felt very unwelcome and hurt that my friend didn’t want me around.

Oh, and this all came to a head on Christmas Day, so you can imagine the fun I had on my holidays.

I’m sorry for anything I might have done. I tried very had to NOT take advantage of her generosity. While a long stay (just under 6 weeks), she was aware ahead of time of the length. She refused rent money. I did all the cleaning, laundry and cooking while I lived with her. I bought more than half of the groceries and gasoline for the car and frequently paid for dinners out. I left her with about $200 worth of kitchen cooking utensils, which I purchased, and I filled her freezer with prepared meals before I left. I tried not to be a bad house guest.

She may feel otherwise. And she’s entitled. It’s her home. She doesn’t have to have anyone or anything in it that she doesn’t want. She’s an adult and doesn’t have to associate with anyone she chooses not to. And she has the right to withdraw her friendship, even if it breaks my heart.

To be fair, she did help me get to the airport at the end of my stay.  It was a lot of trouble at an inconvenient hour and I greatly appreciate it.  But it was so uncomfortable, I wish I had not done it. Among other things, she felt the need to tell me that I was a bad/irresponsible employee who did not finish her contracts and she didn’t think another school would hire me with my record. She’s never seen me in a work situation, and I have finished all but one of my contracts. But she is entitled to her opinion.

On my last full day at the hotel before check out, I was packing up my possessions. I gave the unused food/toiletries/kitchen items to a pregnant woman downstairs. I also gave her $20 cash, since she seemed to be down on her luck. Two hours later, she was knocking at my door asking for more money. She was peeved that I wouldn’t give her anymore.

It’s a bad end to my friendship and my USA visit.

When I say I’m ready for the next adventure, I mean it.

Next Stop: Bolivia