End of August Update on my Dreams

I’ve listed my goals, but at the top of them is to sell my house and get my possessions down to only what I need. I post my progress monthly, partially to hold myself accountable and partly to share with those who are interested. Here’s the progress report:

imagesCA9WHBU1CONDO: As promised, I got the condo on the market in early August, for a bit more than I had guessed I could list it for! Yea for the (slow) economic recovery! By mid-August I had a binding contract on the home. As of today, we’ve agreed to the list of fix-it items following the home inspection and my handyman (what a great guy!) has completed them all. Today is the FHA appraisal inspection, a critical part of the financing. This is the last major hurdle and I hope we can sail through it just as quickly as the other items. Closing is tentatively set for the last day of September. OMG, that’s THIS month!

POSSESSIONS: I continue to pare down what I own. A friend got my bike and accessories. I bought an iPad Mini and gave him my oldest computer. I’ve made three trips to Goodwill this month (I think they recognize my car now). I have a carload of stuff to take to my family on my next visit and three boxes of kitchen stuff goes to a friend tomorrow. Two metal shelves (which are getting close to empty) go to my beloved handyman. I’ve been through every closet, box and shelf I own at least twice this summer, so I don’t have a lot of excess at the moment. Most of what remains in my kitchen and almost all remaining furniture will go to Goodwill, which I’ll arrange for them to pick up.

MOVING & TEMPORARY HOUSING: I girlfriend is letting me share her house and I will start moving in mid-September. I’m meeting with her tomorrow night to check out the space and see what I can move there. Specifically, I’d like to see if I can move the treadmill—a very helpful item to my fitness!—or if I will be giving that away too. If I’m not moving the treadmill, I can probably move all the items in my car and not hire movers.hE0CC4CF6

BACKPACKING EQUIPMENT: I took two trips to the Appalachian Trial in August. This past weekend’s trip was WET and gave me a good opportunity to fine tune my set up. The result is that while most of my equipment is fine, I will need to replace the tent. Since it’s new, this is a blow financially. If I’m lucky, the company will take the tent back. This is a critical reason to buy from REI, IMHO. They take back almost anything. This tent isn’t from them, however, so we will see if the manufacturer will let me return the item.

3664640-744936-money-bag-with-dollar-sign-vector-illustrationBONUS:  Most of you know that I owned and ran Atlanta Culinary Tours, a great little sideline business that helped me fund this dream. I thought I had a buyer for the business when I stopped running tours in July, but they backed out. Well, a new buyer has come forward and I have a very good feeling about this. If it all works out, ACT will move forward with a really great owner and I’ll have some additional cash to fund my adventures. I expect to have this all wrapped up before the middle of September. With this additional income, I could meet my top savings goal (I’ve already met my minimum savings goal) by the end of December.