Christmas in San Luis Potosi

A tree in one of the small Malls downtown.

As the year winds to a close, it’s time to celebrate Christmas! Last year I was in a predominately Muslim country, so I saw few Christmas decorations. This year, I’m in Mexico and it’s overwhelmingly Christian, so lots of holiday cheer. On the other hand, it’s a nice warm mid-70’s F each afternoon, so it doesn’t really feel like winter. Personally, I love the weather, but it’s like there’s two seasons. Warm and a bit cooler. With no chance of snow or even frost, the flowers are in bloom and the leaves never change color.

Plaza Fundadores (Founder’s square) has turned into a winter wonderland, minus the snow.
Winter Festival entrance.
Santa’s house
The big tree–obviously sponsored by Coca Cola, as was the winter parade.
Even ice skating!
One of the lovely old homes is lit up at night. It’s much prettier than this photo.
Plaza Del Carmen is still packed–a place to rest between shopping.
The main branch of the school where I teach has un arbol de Navidad (a Christmas tree). We were even given a very nice Christmas dinner–paella!
In the mild weather, flowers continue to bloom.
…even some flowers I don’t recognize.
This is the tree at the downtown branch, where I’ve been teaching for the last 8 weeks. It’s near my flat, but I’m the only teacher most days, so it’s a tad isolating.
The churches are always ready for Christmas, right?