First look at The Spence

The Spence is located in Midtown Atlanta, near the corner of Fifth and Spring. Executive Chef Richard Blais is so well know I don’t have to tell you about him (or his latest book). The Spence is part of the Concentrics Restaurant  group that includes Parish (Inman Park) and Two Urban Licks among other great ATL eateries. With a pedigree like this, the restaurant is bound to be a hit, and of course it is.  The Spence, 4My day job is in Midtown Atlanta and I needed to take a client out for lunch. I don’t have an expense account so it needed to be both impressive ….. and affordable. The Spence fits the bill perfectly! We were close enough to walk, but they do have valet parking if you need to drive there. Though the menu is wonderful, we both went for the day’s specials:

The Spence, 2
Pan Seared Redfish sitting atop charred eggplant puree. On top was a Fennel Mandarin Salad. Plus peas and carrots. The fish was perfectly done, and the combination tasty! It looks like a small amount, but honestly it was right-sized.
Red pepper soup. It was a bit spicy! Topped with radish and crispy fried onion. I love how they serve it–the toppings are brought to the table in the bowl and the soup is poured to the side of them from a separate container. The Spence.

 I only wish I’d had room for dessert!

BTW, “Spence” is an archic term for the buttler’s pantry or larder (from late Middle English: shortening of Old French despense)

The Spence, 3
Yeah, I’ll be back for more.