A Spanish Christmas bonus!

The three kings

I’ve had a three week break from teaching classes and have focused most of the time on improving my Spanish. New classes start next week and I hope my time has been well spent. Yesterday, I got this email from Synergy Spanish, one of the programs I’m using to learn both the language and the culture. I thought you might enjoy an excerpt from it:

“Mañana is el Día De Los Reyes (tomorrow is the day of the three kings). It’s more exciting than Christmas for many Spanish-speaking kids.
I always love going to visit Mexico City over the Christmas period; there are a lot of great traditions.

Santa Claus is becoming more popular, but he’s still got nothing on Los Reyes Magos.

Literally, Los Tres Reyes Magos means the Three Magic Kings, but in English they are better known as the Three Wise Men.

The kings are in all the city parks. The kids line up with their families to take a photo with the kings.

Instead of asking the Magic Kings for presents, the parents buy big balloons filled with helium. Then in the night on Jan 5th, they tie a letter to the balloon. The letter tells the kings what presents to bring.

Tonight, kids will be watching their balloon go up into the sky as it makes its way to the line of three stars that are part of the Big Dipper. Those stars are Los Reyes Magos.

Then, they’ll leave a zapato (shoe) out in the living room. Magically the next morning, in or next to the shoes will appear the presents from Los Reyes Magos.

The kings really are magical in the Spanish-speaking world.”

Santa is pretty popular here in Mexico!
This is one of the traditional cookies in Mexico.

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