Planning my trip on the AT, rough calculations


200 days of adventure!

Based on an average of 12 miles a day, I’m giving rough dates to where I will be and when along the Appalachian Trail during my 2014 thru hike. This is the most up to date mileage, based on the latest AT Guide. I’ve only scheduled the location of zero days (rest days) for the first month of the trip since I know that section pretty well. After that I’ve listed “floating” zero days at the beginning of each month and will take them as needed, based on how I feel and what’s happening around me. This schedule has me starting off with fewer miles initially, but working up to 12 miles a day, average. This shows about 185 hiking days. If I add in 15 or so zero days, I’m at a 200 day adventure (just over six and a half months), which seems about right. If I’m feeling good in my second or third month of hiking, I may increase this average. Since I’m starting March 1 (depending on weather), I shouldn’t have to flip flop, but I will if I need to.

AT Schedule spreadsheet: AT mileage, Hostels and Hotels

This is what I’ll be carrying: backpacking gear

I’ve updated my Appalachian Trail Hike Tab with all this information and more. You can always find these spreadsheet there.

Wish me luck! 1528454_527517900679484_879700002_n


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