Photos of the season


No grand revelations, just a group of photos I’ve taken over the last couple weeks.

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas, and that means pinatas everywhere.

Interesting decorations–like this manger scene on top of the roof.
…or cups in the fence that spell out Feliz Navidad (Happy Christmas)
Plaza de Armas, decorated for Christmas, but the weather is in the 70’s.
Houses lit up at night.
You can’t see it in the photo, but there’s a dog on the roof. There are dogs on LOTS of roofs here. It’s for two reasons. 1) it keeps the dogs from being easily stolen, which is getting to be a serious crime in Mexico. Pets are ransomed and since it’s just an animal, the police don’t take it all that seriously. 2) The dog’s barking serves as an early warning system for burglars.
Now that’s a dessert–baked plantain with whipped cream, cookies, chocolate sauce and cherries.
The Throne is a Ladies Bar. I really should check this out.
Plaza del Carmen
Warm weather means lots of flowers
Parade for the Virgin of Guadeloupe. It was mostly decorated city buses and big trucks. LOUD trucks.
This is a common way to eat corn on the cob–slathered in cheese, mayonnaise and hot sauce. Called elote, instead of maize.
More roasted elote.
One of the parks in El Centro.
There’s lots of construction, but most of it downtown seems to be connected with plumbing and drainage. I hope it works.
It’s hard to walk in the pedestrian streets for all the bikes, scooters and skateboards.
This is on my list of places to visit during the school break.
Yup. That’s the entire restaurant.
Restaurants are often very small, like this one. They only serve tacos and just one kind, al pastor (pork). They are 8 pesos a piece or 40 for an order of 5.
This is just a single room with three tables–the back seems to open into the courtyard of the living quarters.
Tacos are often served with a small side of pickled vegetables. This is mostly pickles onions with shredded carrot.
One of the many mobile carts. This one sells Popsicles, Paletas de hielo, with lots of toppings.



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