A perfect birthday


I’ve always liked the idea of celebrating my birthday for a full week. This year, my dream came true. It included more hugs than I can count and four birthday cakes!

My birthday was Monday, but it started the Saturday before. A hastily made plan for a party fell through, but Nancy and John, new teachers, offered to take me out. First I met some former acquaintances, who gave me birthday hugs before moving on. At the restaurant, we ran into Eric and one of his students and so we all celebrated together with food, beer and some excellent tequila.

What more could at girl ask for–surrounded by intelligent, handsome men and tequila!
Nopal salad–made from cactus pads, it’s pretty tasty, but some find it a tad slimy. Hey, it’s better than okra and lots of people eat that.
Did I mention this was the land of guacamole?
Instead of a cake, I got campechanas–crispy and sweet!
I don’t think Eric really liked this photo, but I think he looks great. Eric is one of the new US teachers who arrived here in January. He and his student just happened to be at the restaurant, so we joined them at their table.
Sundown from the roof of the restaurant. It got really chilly after this, so we went downstairs.

We met at a restaurant in El Centro, near the San Francisco church, which was busy with weddings.

Wedding photos.
A Saturday evening, just outside the San Francisco church–lots of weddings.

Sunday was dinner with the family at a traditional restaurant.

Lunch with the family! Top–Ivan (Junior), Meliza’s father, Hugo. Seated: me, Meliza, Ivan (Senior).
And look at that spread of food–so delicious.
Meliza’s father is 70yo, but in great shape. He’s just started English lessons. It’s never to late to learn.

Then to downtown for more fun, music and even a little dancing.

After lunch, we went to a plaza downtown and listened to a very good local band.

The dancers were good!
Enjoying some traditional music.
A most unusual tree–it has “cotton balls” but no leaves this time of years. And all the branches and trunk are studded with thorns.
Not a tree want to climb!
A new kind of tamale, wrapped in banana leaves. They add a nice flavor. Meliza bought me some to eat the next day. This is an item that really warms up well.
This is just what remains of a HUGE tamal. Wish we’d come earlier.

Monday morning, the party continued.

Birthday cake #2–from my students on Monday morning’s class. Trick candles meant I couldn’t blow them out!

The fourth cake came this morning–a complete surprise!

Some of the staff and students at the El Centro branch of English Unlimited who helped me celebrate–Poncho, Eric, Frank, Josue, Victoria.
This is birthday cake #4! It was so moist, I don’t even know how it held together. No wonder Mexican’s have an obesity problem–too many good bakers!
I don’t know what these trees are, but they are in bloom everywhere and so lovely.

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