P’cheen’s new menu, remodel


It’s no secret that P’cheen is one of my favorite restaurants on the planet. Not only is the food great, but the folks who work there are wonderful. It was a special event this week to show off their new remodel (more space, open concept and definitely a more comfortable and inviting)  and their new menu (better than ever, focusing on small plates so you can try more than one item and share with friends. Or not!).

P’cheen is located in the Old Fourth Ward, 701 Highland Avenue, very near Highland Bakery.
The remodel basically opened the space up a bit more. At the back is a couch for a more intimate dining experience.
Yeah, it’s popular, so the bar can get crowded. It’s my favorite place to sit.
Bartender Kat is flaming the orange peel to release the volatile oils. She uses this in the new Blood & Sun cocktail. This is the place for moonshine and moonshine cocktails.
Two new menu items: (top) Duck confit with cherry compote and (bottom) pork belly nigiri. Do I have to tell you it was all delicious?
Executive Chef and one of the owners, Alex, is amazing. Plus a great guy. He always acts like this is fun, not work. (OK, so I have a tiny crush on him……but he’s taken and she’s pretty amazing too. They deserve each other.)
Real men cook with FIRE!
Don’t forget dessert!

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