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I moved into a boarding house in the last week (see previous post), and we decided to have a cookout Sunday night. From left to right, Paula and Christine (both teachers at English Unlimited) and Ricardo, who lives downstairs. This gave us all a chance to practice our Spanish.

I’ll be leaving San Luis Potosi, Mexico in just over 2 weeks. I’ve got a week in Mexico City, where I plan to take several day-trips to see some things I’ve missed in my year here. Then I’m off to the USA for a couple precious weeks with dear friends in Huntsville and Atlanta. I won’t get to see any family this trip, unfortunately, but it’s my first trip back to Atlanta in 3 years. I hope to see many friends!

And then I’m off to the next adventure: Arequipa, Peru! I’ll be working at the Extreme Learning Center, a private language school. I hope to continue learning Spanish and to see Machu Picchu before I leave. Based on visa restrictions, it looks like this will only be a 6 month adventure. I’ve got a few ideas for what I want to do after this one, but we’ll see what actually works out.

The chefs! Richardo (int he back) and Rico (who manages the boarding house and built the new grill). We have lots of left over chicken and grilled veggies to eat, but I notice all the beer was consumed!

As I prepare to leave, I’ve gone through all my belongings, giving away things I can’t take with me and throwing out things no one needs. When I fly to a new country, I only have room for a purse, carry on (usually a day pack), and I check two bags (a large backpack and a suitcase).

If you’re interested, here’s a short video on Arequipa.

Plus, I’m sharing some assorted photos.

A note from one of my Saturday, Level 17 students. Awwwww!
“With bread, the pain is less.” Must be a Spanish phrase that is new to me. “
My level 24 students graduated!

There are lots of religious symbols and paintings on the street.
Notice the “benefactor” is pictures in the lower right corner of the painting. That used to be popular in the medieval period.

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