Municipal Museum of Arequipa


I’m doing a LOT of walking while I’m here in Arequipa–trying to get between 2-4 hours of walking each day. It’s part of my training for the Annapurna trail in Nepal in November. But I do more than walk–I see the city, too. Sometimes, my walking includes visits to my favorite plaza, such as the Plaza de San Francisco. There’s a small, free museum there that I also saw this week.

The Municipal Museum of the city of Arequipa focuses on informing visitors of the history of Arequipa, but you may want to brush up on your Spanish before visiting. There’s no English signage. But it does cover, though briefly, architecture, ethnology and art of the area.

The exhibition is divided into seven wards: Prehispanic Hall, Room Emancipation of the Republic Hall, Room Vinatea Reynoso, Room Naval Architecture Hall, Room Arequipeños Illustrious and the Pinacoteca.

My favorite was the last room, displaying landscapes of the area, most with a view of Misti in the background.


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