Machu Picchu


This has to be the number one sight in Peru. It’s amazing. Honestly worth all the trouble to see it, too. Let me say that when you visit it, it is worth the extra cost to hire a guide. There is virtually no signage, so you need one.

Here’s the Wikipedia page for information. I’m short on time, so will try to add explanations to the photos later.

To get here, you board a train, an hour outside of Cusco.

It’s a nice train, too. It takes you to Aguacaliente. From there, it’s a bus ride up the mountain. But you need to buy tickets for all of it in advance. The other option is hiking 3-4 days from The same location along one of the Inca Trails.

It’s a busy place.
Really busy.
….and really far down, so don’t fall.


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