Don’t leave your toys unattended


Sprig, 23I travel with a camera. As a blogger, that probably comes as no surprise to anyone. You never know when you’ll run across a story.

Sprig, 21Yesterday afternoon, I was sitting at a bar with a group of people I’d never met before. No, I don’t spend my life sitting at bars. OK, I don’t spend every day at a bar. But this was a cocktail class, at Sprig Restaurant, Oak Grove. We were there to learn and I spent the two hours tasting drinks, munching appetizers and absorbed by the words of the mixologist/bartender, Marc Caballero. A great way to spend an afternoon. And it was a fun group of students. A very fun group, as I found this morning when I downloaded the photos from my camera’s memory card.


Sprig, 22This is what happened when you leave your camera unsupervised. Thankfully, I had my cell phone in my pocket or I dread the results. Thanks for these to my new friends: Sue (who was taking the photos), Donna and Michael. I hope I run into you again.

And I hope you leave your cell phone on the table when you go to the bathroom. 🙂


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