La Mansión del Fundador

Exterior of the mansion

This mansion was once owned by Arequipa’s founder Garcí Manuel de Carbajal, hence the name. It has been restored with original furnishings and paintings, and even has its own chapel. The mansion is in the village of Huasacache, 9km from Arequipa’s city center. It is accessible by taxi, but I visited as part of a bus tour of the outskirts of Arequipa.

Inner courtyard.

Built on the border of the Socabaya river, this residence has belonged to several proprietors through history. Originally the property of the founder of Arequipa, it belonged in the 16th century to the congregation of the Jesuits who built many enclosures, terraces and chapels. In 1785 it was acquired by Don Juan Crisóstomo de Goyoneche y Aguerreverre, who converted it into the residence it is today. The building has a main entrance with a dramatic vestibule with vaulted ceiling. There is also a Mirador (a look out place) with panoramic views in the back (obscured somewhat by trees) and beautiful, intimate chapel.

This bedroom was, surprisingly, just off the inner courtyard.
The rooms are furnished with many paintings, mostly of a religious nature.

outdoor dining area, probably used mostly by servants. Notice the ceiling.
Master dining area.
Sitting room, and my favorite in the house.
Sitting room from the opposite end of the room. Notice the armor.

Inside the chapel.
Chapel door
The kitchen. I wouldn’t want to cook here!
a grinding stone, used to mix.
This is a type of water filter. The house would have had several of them, made from a porous volcanic rock. Water would slowly drip through.

Leaving the house
View of the countryside from the front of the house.

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