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CpWHnglWIAIbZPY.jpg largeI am very excited about travel and I love my life, but I’m away from friends and family. I get lonely. I live frugally, partially through choice and partially because I must. I didn’t earn any money while hiking the Appalachian Trail or The Camino. Teaching English doesn’t pay well. As a result, I rely on my savings more than I’d like. If you’d like to offer moral or financial support, here are some ideas:

  • You can comment on Facebook or Twitter or Plurk. Or join me at LinkedIn.
  • Make comments on my blog posts. I can always use encouragement.
  • Buy one of my ebooks.
  • You can’t donate to me through Paypal anymore. I’ve been locked out of my site AGAIN. Honestly, if I can ever get back into the account, I’ll transfer the money out of there and close it. Grrrrrrrrrr!

7 thoughts on “Do you want to help?”

  1. Wow, I’m so inspired! I am seriously looking into teaching as a second language at 50 after having lost my job last year. I won’t have savings to lean on but open to new adventures in faraway lands 🙂 Is the market geared toward younger ppl if you’re just starting out? My internet searches lead me to believe it’s a bit of a tough market out there.

    1. Yes, some countries–mainly Asia–seem to be geared toward younger teachers. In fact it’s tough to get a work visa if you are over 45 in Korea, or over 55 in China. Most Important: You need “walking away” money with jobs like this–have some emergency funds and a back up plan.

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