Day 25, Acebo to Ponferrada


imageDay 25, Acebo to Ponferrada, 20k
April 25, 2016
The albergue we stayed in last night was part of a very new hotel complex. Probably on the the most comfortable so far Casa de Peregrino, 10 Euros). The pilgrims meal and breakfast (10 & 4 Euros) were also good choices. Or at least they were until I threw up breakfast less than 4K into today’s walk. This was a constant issue on the AT and it happened 2-3 days a week. I’ve felt sudden nausea the last few mornings, but this is the first morning on this hike where I saw my breakfast in reverse. I hope this will not be an issue every morning.
The walk was mostly downhill for the first half of the day, with sunny skies. I even got a small sunburn on my wrist where I’d forgotten to apply sunscreen!
Ponferrada is a larger town of about 68,000 people. They have an old Knights Templar castle, but since it’s Monday, it’s closed! Hate to miss it.
The donativo albergue is very nice and the two women who are volunteering here are extra funny and nice. We got here early enough to wash out a few items which are drying in the sun.

Tim and Ann in Molinaseca
Tim and Ann in Molinaseca


The view from my albergue tonight.
The view from my albergue tonight.

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    1. Honestly, I just have coffee in the morning. I can’t eat anything. The deal is that my body doesn’t like hiking. It starts with retching, then I actually throw up. Then we move on to increasingly worse levels of diarrhea. What a joy. It just says I’m ready for a day off. I’m working on one now.

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