Dad’s Garage, moving in 6 weeks: Everything must go!


“Holy moly! We move in just six weeks! But you know us — we’re  jamming all the shows (and parties) we can into June and July before we pack our bags and move to 7 Stages in Little Five Points this August! “  ~ from Dad’s latest email

Dad’s Garage is moving on. I, for one, hate to see this historic and hysterical group forced out of their home, but let’s give them a great big send off! First, their latest show:


Buckle up for a trippy, trippy ride. Dementia Juice, a puppet-filled romp about a young grad student’s first LSD trip (AND the last scripted show we’ll ever do in this building, b.t.dubs) opens this Friday nightDementia Juice is packed full of fun and craziness including fornicating trees, a talking toilet, demonic bugs and more! This is one Hell of a show you don’t want to miss! (For realsies though… half of the show actually takes place in Hell. (Spoiler Alert, whoops.))

s18_events_garage_sale_thumb_ashxPut Our Junk in Your Trunk! Everything must go… including us! Mark your calendars for the only annual Dad’s Garage Sale — Sunday, July 21st at 8am (no, we don’t ever get up that early, so plan on getting great deals from groggy and confused improvisers who’ve stayed up drinking all night)! We’ll be selling a bunch of costumes, props, and more to help fund our move, so please come out and drop some dough!



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