Dad’s Garage….going, going…gone from Inman Park at end of the week


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Friday night a friend and I went to Dad’s Garage to say goodbye and see one of their final shows at their Elizabeth Street building.  The show, Dementia Juice, was exactly what we’ve come to expect from Dad’s: funny, irreverent, unique. Plus at least one guy running around in torn tightly whities. Classic!

Getting seats for the penultimate showing of Dementia Juice at Dad's Main Stage.
Getting seats for the penultimate showing of Dementia Juice at Dad’s Main Stage.

But a big, fancy building project is kicking them out of their home of 18 years. Sure the place is a dump. It always has been. But it had a charm and charisma that no shiny new building can replace. Nothing will ever be the same. But it never is; that’s the way life works. Other, much-loved businesses forced to move include Victory Sandwich Bar (now open in downtown Decatur and later this year taking over the Park’s Edge space) and At The Collective (Re-opening soon at Krog Market). I am disappointed in the situation. I volunteered at this place and have enjoyed lots of comedy. But it is what it is. I’ll continue to support these businesses that I love, including Dad’s. Making it work is the ultimate revenge.

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Didn’t make it to the last weekend? You can still come to the Bringing Down the House Party on August 3 or kick off the first Theatre Sports at 7 Stages August 10. You can also join an Improv class. The next session starts August 11.  Register for Level 1 today and get $30 off!

Here’s what Dad’s has to say:

“It’s official. At the ripe ol’ age of 18, mom and dad are kicking us out of the house. Dad’s Garage has received notice that our building, as well as the entire property at 280 Elizabeth Street, has been purchased and will be redeveloped in the coming months. (Read: Hulk-smashed and turned into a Live, Work, Play space… minus the plays.)

We’ll finish out the rest of our season here (through July 31st). We’ll be packing up and moving out soon after and will continue performing in our new, temporary home at 7 Stages in Little Five Points beginning August 10th. While we’re there we hope to start raising funds for a permanent home. We have narrowed the search down to a few we’re really serious about and plan on making a decision very soon. Hey! It’s just like the finale of The Bachelor! (Is that show still on? Yes? Good! Relevant-ish. Nailed it. Boosh.)

We were hoping to stay in Inman Park, but that didn’t work out — I guess we drove our own property value up too high! We’re committed to staying as close to our current stomping ground as possible and have been vetting a few other spaces. We’re still working out some final details, but we’re close to nailing down a new home. That said, just like any 18 year-old, we like to keep our options open. So, if you have 15,000 sq. feet of space in the city with ample parking on the cheap – please let us know.”

Yes, it's a dump. But we still loved it.
Yes, it’s a dump. But we still loved it.
From Dad's bathroom
From Dad’s bathroom
From Dad's bathroom
From Dad’s bathroom



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