My apartment and the teachers at my new school


This is a round up of photos to introduce you to my new apartment, neighborhood and the teachers I’m working with here in Ibaque, Colombia.

Let’s start with some photos of the apartment. It’s two bedroom. This is mine and Kelvin has the other. The place is small, not exactly any ambiance, but it has most things I need. Plus it’s close to the school.
Kelvin had a lot of kitchen and household items. I had nothing, so I’m grateful for his contribution. I’ve bought several items since we moved in last week to help both of us be more comfy.
This is taken from the kitchen. The open door on the right is my bedroom, which has a window. No couch and the small fridge is in the “living room.” But there’s good light with huge windows. The floor is tile and the white walls are pretty bare.
Here’s the view from the front room windows. We are on the first floor (called the second floor, here). At least I can see the mountains. Kelvin tells me there’s a park nearby. I will check it out soon.
looking out the window and down the street. OK, so it’s not a fancy neighborhood, but it’s reasonably well lit and safe.
I wonder how many people can read this sign?
After my first Saturday class, the teachers took me out for lunch. For $6,000 we ordered sancoche, a rich soup with potato and corn.
And this is the new gang: Brandon, Hannah, Anne, Kelvin (my new roommate), Katherine, and Jason. What great people!
But wait! There’s more food! Rice, fried plantain, a chicken leg and avocado, plus the drink. $6,000 Colombian pesos is just a bit over $2US.
Because I needed to buy household items, Brandon and Jason too me to one of the three large malls in the area, La Estacion. The view is lovely and their house is in the photo somewhere. Aren’t they handsome? They are even nicer than they look. They invited me out Saturday night for a drink with some other teachers. I didn’t get home until after midnight!
Here’s all three of us.
I like these houses, which are pretty pricey. They have a small, open court yard.
A wall near my apartment.
Ash Wednesday is a holiday! One side of 5th Avenue (Carerra 5), was closed to traffic and people were walking. This happens every Sunday, too. These were two street performers. He seems to be dressed like a marijuana plant, which is legal here.
So many taxis! At least five drove by while I got out my camera, but you can see four more in the photo.
I love street food. They sell pastel here. I usually think of that word as meaning “cake” but here it’s a deep fried potato, with a whole hard boiled egg and some meat. Tasty.
Here’s the pastel. I’ve opened up some of the crunchy coating to add a bit of sauce.
A block from my apartment, they sell arepahuevos–literally a fried egg, surrounded by corn flour. Tasty, but I need less deep fried food.
Here’s what it looks like when you buy it…..
… and when you bite in, you can see the fried egg. It’s often served with rosada sauce, which seems to be a tomato/mayo combo.

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