Amazon: Hunting for spiders

This is the underside of the thatched roof of our entry “bridge” to the lodge. Honestly, I’d never spent much time looking up. Here you’ll see some of the termite “roads” on the upper supports. I often saw leaf cutter ants using the supports as a road. But that’s not all that lives here. Honestly, if I’d known how many spiders there were in this canopy, I’d have spent much less time walking here!

On our last night, Sergio said he was taking us on a very simple walk to see some spiders. We didn’t even need to put on our boots, since we weren’t going into the jungle. It turned out that we only walked to the front of the lodge and took a stroll, with flashlights, along the entrance corridor bridge, which takes you over a particularly swampy section.

First was a frog–perhaps the size of my hand. This is a large species of tree frog. The Amazon is home to the poison dart frog–colorful, tiny and deadly. I had really hoped to see a few, but didn’t.
Within 2 minutes, we saw this tarantula. Eeek! Sergio referred to him as a baby since he had a diameter of perhaps only 5 inches.
This spider was slightly smaller–perhaps 4 inches in diameter, but somehow seemed more menacing than the tarantula. We probably saw almost a dozen spiders in all, half tarantulas.
This guy was the largest–half a foot in diameter and he looked positioned to jump! I did not like him at all.
This one, our guide, Sergio, decided to knock down from the roof using this metal pole, so we could get a closer look.
He then got the spider to crawl onto his hand. You don’t grab them, since you’d get the irritating hairs to come off their body and embed in your skin.
You can really see the hairs and pink toes!

Right after I snapped this photo, the spider jumped onto my stomach! AAAhhhhggg! OK, I didn’t actually scream like a little girl, but I really, really wanted to. I stood still which Sergio removed it. Then shivered and planned a long shower.
Alexander was much braver than I!
In fact, He seemed to kind of like the little guy!
The final animal on our walk was this scorpion. I’ve seen several before, and this one was probably only 2 inches in length. Still, much larger than the ones my cats used to bring in when I lived in Texas.

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