Amazon: floating in inland waters

Alexander gets into the boat. These are long and narrow and sit rather low in the water.

The Cumacebe Lodge, located in the Amazon Jungle, also had a large pond. We took at least 2 trips around the pond. Once was at night, in the rain. Interesting, but I didn’t want to risk my camera! On the last day, we took an hour long float around the water, just to see what we might find.

The surface of the pond was covered in water lettuce and some water hyacinth. There were also lily pads in the shallow sections.
Birds were able to walk across the vegetation and pick out the insects and small frogs.
This pond was not particularly deep, but the water level varied widely because of rain. It was very hot and humid and the sun had begun to come out–so I had trouble with my camera lens fogging up. I was soaking with sweat long before we finished.
I saw so many beautiful birds, but it’s very difficult to get good photos without an extremely long len. These birds are the Wattled Jacana. In the Amazon River, I also saw the Anhinga (called the snake bird, a type of cormorant), herons, Plum Throated Cotinga (a small blue bird), Oropendolas (which make long hanging nests from the branches of trees), Kingfisher and eagles. I also saw the backs of both pink and gray river dolphin as they jumped from the water. These species specially adapted to fresh water.
The vegetation was so thick it was hard to paddle.
Water lettuce

There’s a toucan in the tree. Can you see it?
Can you find the toucan now?

These prehistoric birds are hard to spot and ever more difficult to get a photo of. Hoatzin live at the edge of stagnant water like this, among the spiny palm trees.

Interesting to visit, but I wouldn’t want to live here!

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