The Alabama Tour: Clarkson Covered Bridge


I have an affinity for covered bridges. My school bus drove through one every day. Now my niece rides the same bus and goes through the same bridge. Here’s a restored one near Cullman, which I saw on my Alabama Tour.

The park has lovely picnic spots and a working mill. If it hadn’t been raining, I’d have stopped for a longer stay.

 And as a bonus, there is a small Civil War museum just a few miles away, located on the sight of the Hogg Mountain battlefield. While the museum doesn’t have a lot outside of the location, the owner is quite a character. Come just for him.And this was just for fun. Notice the mail box. 


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2 thoughts on “The Alabama Tour: Clarkson Covered Bridge”

  1. Enjoy your blog. My wife and I met you on the AT. We were section hiking Virginia. I cannot remember the shelter where we enjoyed a nice conversation with you…somewhere in Shenandoah Park. Stumbled on your blog. I noticed you mentioned the hiker, Chicken Feathers. We met him our first night on the AT at Dick,s Dome. We were using a tent which did not keep us dry in a down-pour, so we moved to Dick’s Dome and scared Chicken Feathers to death at 2:00am. He was the only one there as two pancho-clad apparitions appears at the entrance to the shelter. 🙂

    1. Soooooo good to hear from you! I so enjoyed my AT hike, even if I didn’t finish. I met so many wonderful people, who made my hike so special, like you. Thanks for finding me. I had forgotten Chicken Feathers, but your story is hilarious. I can just picture it. Thanks for sharing.

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