Pera Palace Hotel, Istanbul

Established in 1895, this hotel was built to house the elite who traveled on the Orient Express between Paris and Istanbul. Everyone who was anyone stayed here.  As Wikipedia says, “the very name inspires visions of Ottoman grandeur, the great European fascination with the East, the immortalisation of Istanbul’s unique culture in Western literature, and … Continue reading Pera Palace Hotel, Istanbul

Bomb in Istanbul’s old city center

I had this morning off and slept in for the first day in almost a month, which was really nice. My lie-in was interrupted by the refrigerator repair guy, unfortunately, so I’m not quite caught up yet. He was here 10 minutes, unplugged the fridge, so that now we don’t even have a freezer!  He … Continue reading Bomb in Istanbul’s old city center

Indian Summer in Istanbul

11/27/2015 I’ve had a lot of free time, so I’ve been walking a lot. Atakoy is the next neighborhood across the E5 and the flowers have been particularly lovely in the cool, but sunny weather. There’s a surprising number of roses (gul). It’s been my favorite weather so far. Yesterday, the rain moved in and … Continue reading Indian Summer in Istanbul

Free time in Istanbul

My school isn’t keeping me all that busy through the week. At first I spent some time catching up on cleaning, laundry and lesson plans that needed attention. And then as I continued to have more time, I decided to make a list of the things I’ve always wanted to do but didn’t have time. … Continue reading Free time in Istanbul