We interrupt this blog….

…for an existential crisis.

You may have noticed that I’ve barely posted anything since early November. The truth is that I’m too depressed, too despondent, too overwhelmed with grief for the state of my country to do much more than teach my classes each day.

In the wake of the election and inauguration, I’m re-thinking everything I used to believe about America. I’ve come to the conclusion that I no longer know my country. Sure, Trump lost the popular vote by a wide margin. And, yes, there’s proof that Russia interfered with the election. BUT we still have a president who has shown himself to be so very “un-American” that I have to conclude that my country has changed. Drastically.

I question whether I’m even welcome there.

I look into the future and see nothing positive for the USA. I can’t understand choosing a man who is an admitted sexual offender, bigot, racist, non-tax payer who is proud to “game-the-system” and has no political experience–unless you count his ties to Russia. I have never been so discouraged about the future or the character of my country.

While I strongly dis-like Trump and am completely appalled by his cabinet picks, I am not saying that I wish them all ill. You don’t hope the captain of the ship will crash and burn when you and your loved ones are in the same boat. But it’s not going to be smooth sailing for anyone who is female, Muslim, homosexual, transgendered, a person of color, Hispanic, disabled, poor, lower middle class, a single parent, elderly or ill. This version of America will only work for white, rich men in positions of power.

At best, it’s gonna be a long four years. At worst……well…..that’s what keeps me up nights.

The bottom line: Posting pretty pictures and funny anecdotes about my travels sounds petty to me at the moment.

A Spanish Christmas bonus!

The three kings

I’ve had a three week break from teaching classes and have focused most of the time on improving my Spanish. New classes start next week and I hope my time has been well spent. Yesterday, I got this email from Synergy Spanish, one of the programs I’m using to learn both the language and the culture. I thought you might enjoy an excerpt from it:

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