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Wander for Life has a double meaning. Not only is travel my passion, but also, I plan to travel for the rest of my life. Exploring new cultures and cuisines, meeting new people and places, seeing what’s around the next bend, makes my life worth living.


How I became a Professional Vagabond: Plan B

Atlanta, GA is a city I love and lived in longer than anywhere else in my adult life. At the beginning of 2013, I had a condo in the ATL, a secure cubical job, even a pension. I worked for the state of Georgia and drove into midtown each day. I had everything I needed plus more stuff than I could keep track of.  My life was clean, organized and safe. It was also mind-numbingly boring. My passion is travel, foreign cultures and ethnic cuisines. I had a side business for a few years that I loved, Atlanta Culinary Tours. I helped keep me busy and padded my savings account, but at some point, that simply wasn’t enough. I wanted to travel more–and not just  for a few weeks of vacation each year. I wanted to live long enough in a new country to get to know the area, the food, the language and–most importantly–the people.

I needed to escape.

I saved money, learned to get along with less and refined my plan. In September of 2013, I sold Atlanta Culinary Tours. By October 2013, I’d sold my condo and given away most of my belonging. In January 2014, I quit my job and began living Plan B: life as a Professional Vagabond.

Starting March 1, 2014, I put on my walking shoes, filled a backpack and began hiking the Appalachian Trail under the trail name of Plan B. I had hoped to hike the entire length of the AT in one go, but a foot injury forced me off the trail after 1,405 miles and four and a half months. I worked briefly at a hiker hostel and lived with a friend while I healed.

Currently, I’m teaching English in Bien Hoa, Vietnam. I moved here Oct 1, 2014 and signed a one year contract to teach English, mostly to children. I hope to stay here long enough to learn the language and culture, probably two years. Then I’ll pick a new country and do it all over again. I will fund my new life by writing (I’ve published two books!), teaching English and living frugally. Expect to see me House Sitting, couch surfing, camping, WWOOFing and volunteering in exchange for room and board. Crazy? Probably. But sanity is over-rated, anyway.

And I’m not bored anymore.

The Blog

I share my adventures on the blog so you can enjoy the ride with me.  Currently, I’m teaching English as a way to travel the world and get to know new cultures, countries and cuisines. I’m in Bien Hoa, Vietnam right now. The focus of the blog for the summer of 2014 was hiking the Appalachian Trail, where I backpacked through nine states in four and a half months. Earlier posts were about Frugal Living, Frugal Travel, Backpacking Gear and learning to live an Ultra-Lite Life. I’ve posted my world travels and my explorations of Atlanta including Things to do in the ATL, Atlanta Metro Restaurants and Atlanta History. Please comment and share your ideas on any of my posts.

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  1. Your experiences now will be great stories when you are in Maine! Hope your trip will exceed even your wildest expectations. Take care, drink lots of fluids, and don’t to forget to use your Chapstick!!! Evil grin…….

    1. When they went through my pack, there were THREE tubes of lip balm! My feet may hurt, but my lips are moist!

  2. Hello Beth. I just read thru all the posts on your blog. It’s very well written…an easy read. My hiking partner and I are starting at Springer around the first of April, give or take a week depending on weather. My wife is going to meet up with us from time to time to visit and re-supply us. I wish you luck and look forward to meeting you.

    1. I had planned to start April first, but have managed to move the date up to March 22. Hope to run into you along the trail. I’m a slow hiker, so you are bound to catch up to me. Wish I had someone to help with re-supplies, but I’m sure I’ll manage.

  3. Wonderful, Beth! So happy for your journey and wishing you profound blessings along the way.

    Rita Lewis
    Bloomfield Class of 1976

  4. So happy to see another face going to hit the trail you will be leaving after my hubby and I but we are hiking slow so you just might see us some where out there :) Slow and easy does it until we get a new name from the trail.

    1. Slow and Easy are GREAT names. Hold onto them until/if something better comes along! I’m starting off with Plan B, but that can always change! I do hope to meet you on the trail, but it’s hard to imagine a slower hiker than I am! Best Wishes and Best of Luck!

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